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Fitness During Covid-19

The pandemic of Covid-19 has no doubt changed the way Americans live their everyday life. A world that once was so busy and never turned off, has quickly been put on pause. Without notice, people lost their jobs, schools have shutdown and for some, lost their lives. I’ve seen on social media, many friends and family stating that this is exactly what America needed. Reflection and peace. Although, some would think otherwise, I do believe this is a time where we can rise up and become better and stronger once this is over. With all of this time we have on our hands, one area we can become better and stronger at is our fitness. This is not a time where our health should be put on the back burner. We must take care of our immune system while this invisible virus surrounds us. Here are some tips and tricks to get yourself through quarantine.

The moves that make you move.

This is NOT a time to overwhelm yourself with a weight loss challenge or getting massive gains. Allow this to be a time where you educate yourself on exercise and learn what style of exercise gets you excited!




-resistance training


A small list of healthy exercises that can all be done outdoors (6ft away from others of course,) or indoors. Fitness professionals all over the world, including myself, have posted free content for those at home. Creating a routine of thirty minutes to one hour a day of exercise will be highly beneficial for your sanity, I promise! For the parents, grab your kiddos and get them involved! We at Elevated Fitness have posted free workouts on our Instagram page, have created equipment free, or equipment added workouts to help you ride out this quarantine.


Like I stated above, our Immune system plays a vital role in this pandemic. We must not allow this to be a time of going completely off the rails. However, enjoy yourself too!

Friends, I’m going to be completely honest with you and let you know I have enjoyed my fair share of quarintinis and food that just makes my soul so damn happy! Baking has become my new hobby with the kiddos. BUT, I have also fueled my body with tons of healthy foods and daily exercise. I guess you can say I’m living a pretty balanced life right now and you should too. Just like exercise, you can use this time to learn new recipes in the kitchen as well. Good soul food and also nourishing foods as well. -Protein(lean) chicken, ground turkey, along with some red meats in moderation.

-vegetables of any kind will do

-Carbs that you enjoy. For me that’s brown rice, quinoa and tortillas. -Fats like olive oil, peanut butter, almonds and avocados, to name a few, are fantastic options for a positive source of energy. Covid-19 has changed the way we live our lives for the time being. Adapting stronger and better to this new way of living will be the way we all can conquer this! Time with family and loved ones baking, binge watching Netflix, FaceTime parties and board games is top on the list as well! We are in this together. We will come out BETTER and STRONGER because of this.

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