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I first got interested in weightlifting as a teenager when my old man started taking me to the gym. I fell in love with the way my body was changing and the strength gains I was noticing into my early twenties. In 2011 I joined the United States Marine Corps infantry. While serving as a team leader and squad leader, one of my responsibilities was to create physical training plans for my Marines and the passion for fitness and program design grew from there. After an honorable discharge in 2016, I first got a Level 1 Crossfit certification followed by an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certification. I enjoy working with clients of all abilities and levels and would love to talk with you about your goals. I do one-on-one and small group training and also online coaching and personal program design.




I believe that fitness is the core of survival. Without it, we have nothing. Seven years ago, I became a mother and a wife. My main focus, at this time with a newborn and newly married, was serving them. Life is a balancing act, but In the midst of it all, I forgot about my own well being. That is where fitness came into my life. It was never about how strong I could look on the outside, but more about strengthening my mindset. When Marcus deployed, I knew it was the perfect time to start a forever change within myself. I worked hard over that deployment and quickly fell in love with the physical and mental changes my body went through. It came naturally for me to want to gift this to others. We have one body, one life and its my mission to create a fun and challenging environment for those who are ready to make a change.

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